The ISDEIV bestows three awards during each symposium:

    1. The "Dyke Award" for a body of significant contributions.

    2. The "The ISDEIV Best Paper Award – Japan Prize" for the best, most significant contribution presented at the previous symposium.

    3. The "Chatterton Young Investigator Award" for the best contribution presented by a young researcher.

No person shall receive more than one award for the same work. No person is prevented from receiving more than one award provided it is for different work.  For further details on eligibility and other criteria see text below and follow the links.


The Dyke Award, endowed by the Toshiba Corporation, will be given to a person identified by the Awards Committee for an outstanding body of significant contributions in the field of electrical discharges or electrical insulation in vacuum.  The Dyke Award Address is given by the awardee during the Symposium.
Previous recipients of the Dyke Awards are:

Group photo of award recipients, taken 2002

Group photos taken at award ceremony in 2012


The ISDEIV Best Paper Award – Japan Prize was established during the 2006 ISDEIV in Matsue, Japan.  Arranged by the Japanese Local Organizing Committee, funds were pooled from various sponsors to establish this award recognizing the best, most significant contribution presented during the symposium.  Since one would not know before the end of the symposium which presentation deserves this honor, the recipient is selected after the symposium and the award is presented at the next symposium.  The first award was given in 2008.


The Chatterton Young Investigator Award, sponsored by ABB Calor-Emag Schaltanlagen AG, will recognize the outstanding achievement of a young investigator based on the quality of the paper and presentation at the Symposium.
Previous recipients of the Chatterton Awards are:


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