André Anders

Chatterton Award Recipient 1994

The Chatterton Award was received for:
"Investigation of cathode spots by laser absorption photography,"
A. Anders, S. Anders, B. Jüttner, W. Bötticher, H. Lück, and G. Schröder,
Proc. XVth ISDEIV, Darmstadt, Germany, 1992, pp. 653-658.

André Anders  studied physics in Wroclaw, Poland, and Berlin, Germany.  He specialized in plasma physics at Moscow State University, Russia.  He holds a MS degree ('84) and Ph.D. degree ('87) in physics from Humboldt University, Berlin, Germany.  As a Staff Physicist at the Central Institute of Electron Physics, Berlin, he investigated electrode phenomena of arcs in gases and vacuum (1987-1991).  Since 1992 he has been with Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Berkeley, California.  His field of research includes vacuum arc plasma and ion sources, gas plasma sources, ion implantation, plasma immersion ion implantation, thin film synthesis, and pseudosparks.  He is the author of A Formulary for Plasma Physics (Akademie, Berlin, 1990) and more than 100 scientific papers.  He was one of the Chairs of the XVIIth ISDEIV, Berkleley 1996, and a Guest Editor of IEEE Transaction on Plasma Science.  He is a member of IEEE, MRS, and AVS and SVC.

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